SPIN Centre for Chemical Engineering


Our research activities deal with the electrical properties of solids interacting with a gas, and are applied to the development of gas and particle sensors.
They cover the entire value chain from the physico-chemical principles of gas-solid interactions and their modeling, the development of chemical sensors based on semiconductor or ionic conductive materials using various shaping technologies (screen printing, inkjet printing, etc.), the implementation and evaluation of sensors performance on laboratory test benches or on site, and data processing.

Research activities

NOx sensor – Soot sensor
Robust and high temperature sensors
  • Potentiometric gas sensors
  • Soot/particle sensors
  • Sensors for exhaust (gas and particles)
  • Hydrogen sensors, Biogas, Power to Gas applications
  • Single-Chamber SOFC
SnO2 ink – Printed sensor

Multi-sensors platform
Low temperature gas sensors
  • Functionalized SnO2
  • Flexible support
  • VOC and NH3 detection
  • Printed electronics, Food packaging, Breath analysis
  • Gas pre-concentrator

Sensors and analyzers evaluation
  • Multi-sensors behavior modeling
  • “Online” process monitoring
  • Air Quality System: indoor and outdoor pollution
  • Drugs and explosives detection


Physico-chemical characterizations and modeling of solid-gas interactions
  •  Preparation of thin and thick films, inks formulation
  • Test bench developments, Gas processing and gas metrology
  • Electrical, electrochemical measurements and developments
  • Signal processing, Data processing
  • Deep learning for multi-sensors
Sensor prototype

Experimental tools

Physico-chemical characterization facilities at Mines St-Etienne
  •  SEM, TEM, XRD, Thermal analyses, Spectroscopies and   chemical analyses (XPS, Raman, FTIR, ICP)
  • Dedicated equipment
Processing tools

Screen-Printer / Tape-casting machine / Ink-jet printer / Laser machine / High temperature furnaces

Laser engraving
Gas and particles sensing equipment

Test benches under controlled gases and temperature, gas generation from ppb to % (gas permeation, cylinder)

Specific tools for instrumentation, data acquisition and treatment

Electronic units for sensor monitoring: electrical measurements and control

Electrical characterization equipment

Potentiostats-galvanostats, Frequency response analyzer for EIS measurements

Chemical and thermal characterization equipment
  • Gas chromatograph coupled with Mass spectrometer
  • Gas analyzers (NO, NO2, CO, NH3, O2, etc.) Thermo-desorption equipment
SOFC and Catalysis test bench

Gas sensors test bench, analyzers evaluation


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