COFFI is a PRCE project (Projets de Recherche Collaborative – Entreprises). The project consortium is composed of three research laboratories – CEA Tech (CEA), Sorbonne University (SU) and ARMINES-CMP (CMP) -,and the company ISSM. The four partners share a strong experience of collaboration and share complementary skills: Secured compilation for CEA Tech and SU, formal verification of security properties for SU, Secured Hardware design for ARMINES-CMP and ISSM and Secured characterization for CEA.


The research will take place in the Secured Architecture and Systems(SAS) Department of the Centre Microélectronique de Provence, common research centre between ARMINESand Mines Saint-Etienne. The SAS department is a joint team between Mines Saint-Etienne and CEA Tech and has a great experience in the design and the characterization of circuits and systems on chips. It was involved in many projects related to the design and the evaluation of secure integrated circuits with the CEA Tech. Olivier Potin, as an associate professor of SAS department will be the project coordinator of the project. His research concerns the development of software and hardware countermeasures for security.

– CEA Tech (Division of Technological Research) is represented in COFFI with two research units: DACLE(Department on Architecture, Design and Embedded Software) and LSAS(Secure Architectures and Systems laboratory). DACLE is a key software systems and technology research centre working in the area of embedded systems. The research covers architecture and design of systems, methods and facilities for software and system dependability. Damien Couroussé from DACLE will participate in the project as an expert in compilation for performance and cyber-security. LSAS activities are related to physical vulnerabilities (both side-channel and fault injection analysis) and associated protections. Pierre-Alain Moëllic from LSAS will participate in the project and will be the project coordinator for CEA Tech. 

– LIP6 Sorbonne Universityis a joint research laboratory of the Sorbonne Universities and the CNRS located on the Pierre and Marie Curie campus. Karine Heydemann, Associate Professor of the LIP6’s ALSOC team, will co-supervise a PhD thesis with CEA Tech and bring her strong expertise in security protections and fault attacks, compilation and code optimization to contribute to the design of protection as well as the automatic generation of secured code in accordance with the available hardware support for protections. 

– ISSMis a semiconducteur design house since 2006. Also referred as INVIA, ISSM delivers analog, digital and software IPs intended to secure Integrated Circuits. As an expert in cryptographic coprocessors, security hardware IP design and security characterization, Alain Pomet will act as scientific leader for ISSM.


Olivier Potin

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