Three work packages WP1, WP2 and WP3 structure the scientific and technical activities of COFFI. The work package WP4 is dedicated to the management of the project and its dissemination. The activities are organized in an iterative way to foster and reinforce the exchanges between the workpackages (see figure <??>). The analysis and specifications of WP1 is an important input for WP2 which implements the countermeasure schemes for the different targets, more particularly the RISC-V architecture. Thanks to the use cases described in WP1, evaluation are performed in WP3 bringing feedbacks to the outputs of WP1 and the development process of WP2.


Analysis and specifications focuses on the interaction of software protections and hardware primitives as well as the definition and specification of a set of relevant use cases. The workpackage will specify how to modify both software design flow (LLVM) and hardware implementation of a microprocessor to increase the secured execution of identified use cases.


Developments and Implementation gathers all the design and implementation works of the software and hardware protections schemes considering two main targets: the open-source RISC-V architecture and the proprietary processor S8 from ISSM.


Tests and Validation deals with the security performance measurement of developed protections against physical attacks with a particular focus on fault injection analysis threats (without exclude side-channel leakages vulnerabilities).


Project coordination and dissemination represents the activities related to the project coordination and the activities related to the dissemination of COFFI results.


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