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Biomaterials Engineering (BioMat)

This department has a recognized expertise in the field of biomaterials and their interaction with living organisms, in particular concerning biocorrosion in joint prostheses and custom-made implants for bone regeneration.

Research fields focuse on experiments reproducing in vivo phenomena (walking simulators, shock simulators), interpretations and mechanical behavior for the living (modeling). They also concern the chemical synthesis of calcium phosphates, the synthesis and shaping of polymers, the elaboration of tailor-made biomaterials, and cell biology.

BioMat is attaced to te-he Laboratory U1059 Inserm Sainbiose (Santé Ingénierie Biologie Saint-Étienne), Equipe LBTO Team (Biology of Osteoarticular Tissues).

Application Fields

  • Manufacture of biomaterials for bone applications (e.g., culture media and custom implants, regeneration of large bone defects)
  • Elaboration of bioinstructive materials for the understanding of mechanisms and the development of regenerative solutions for musculoskeletal tissues
  • In vitro bone tissue models
  • Understanding and apprehension of the behavior and aging of orthopedic implants
  • Study and improvement of material surfaces and surface treatments to extend the life of implants


Technical Space Facilities :

  • TriboCorrosion/Orthopedic Implants (contact: Jean Geringer) : Understand the wear and tear and improve the robustness of orthopaedic implants under the physiological conditions of their use in humans (micro-friction, shock machine, walking simulator, etc.)
  • 3DFabLab (Contact: David Marchat) : dedicated to the development of calcium phosphate-based powders and customized biomaterials for biomedical applications.

Examples of projects (2020 >)

  • In vitro bone tissue models (European project ESA SciSpacE Microgravity Application Promotion « BONUS » 2020-2023), Pulsalys STREAM 2020-2021
  • Custom-made implants based on calcium phosphates (ANR VITABONE 2017-2020, CNRS INSIS IIP MimOs 2021, Fondation des Gueules Cassées 2021),
  • Titanium foam (projet Operation NORTE-08-5369-FSE-000051 supported by Norte Portugal Regional Operational Program (NORTE 2020).
  • FRI Project: Bio-tribo-mineralogy transfer, FEDER AURA Region
  • Labex Manutech Sise, Mod Hip Project
  • BoneFix: A Paradigm Shift in Fracture Fixations via On-Site Fabrication of Bone Restoration Patches, 2020-2024 (H2020 No 952150).



Permanent staff:
David EGLIN, Head of Dept
PhD Students:
Lisa DEBLOCK (thèse CIFRE), Guillaume LAFITTE (thèse BoneFix)
Post-doctoral students:
Mikhaël HADIDA (µfluidic), Guénaëlle BOUET-CHALON (Cellular Biology), Donata IANDOLO (biosensors)

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