SPIN Centre for Chemical Engineering

Recruitment of an Assistant-Professor in Physics of dispersed media

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Full / official job description

The official job description is available at the following LINK.

Application deadline

April 30th, 2019 (as per postmark)

Short description

Research activities

The successful candidate will work in the field of Chemical Engineering applied to processes involving dispersed media (solid particles in gas or liquid, emulsions, sprays …). The candidate’s main objective will be to strengthen the group capacities by developing models able to simulate unit operations on an  industrial scale. A special emphasis will be given to processes with strong couplings (mechanical, thermal, chemical, …) and those often encountered in industry (e.g.: rotating ovens, fluidized beds …) for diverse applications (e.g.: oxidation, hydration, gasification …).

Teaching activities

Lectures, tutorials, projects monitoring of the Engineering and MSc courses. Targeted disciplines: Chemical Engineering (heat transfers, unit operations, fluid mechanics …) and Physics of Dispersed Media (solid state physics, statistical physics, multiphase flows, suspension rheology, geometrical characterization …).

Candidate’s profile

The candidate should have an in-depth knowledge in one or more of the fields listed below:

  • statistical physics (at equilibrium and out of equilibrium)
  • physics of soft matter and complex systems
  • fluid mechanics, especially multi-phase flows
  • chemical engineering, especially applied to granular matter
  • population balances
  • model reduction (RB, POD, PGD, …)
  • artificial intelligence (machine learning)
  • high performance computing (GPU or CPU)