WDAqua (Answering Questions using Web Data) is a Marie Skłodowska‐​Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN).

Smart infra­struc­tures and citi­zens’ par­ti­ci­pa­tion in the digi­tal socie­ty are increa­sin­gly data‐​driven. Sharing, connec­ting, mana­ging, ana­ly­sing and unders­tan­ding data on the Web will enable bet­ter ser­vices for citi­zens, com­mu­ni­ties and indus­try. However, tur­ning web data into suc­cess­ful ser­vices for the public and pri­vate sec­tor requires skilled web and data scien­tists, and it still requires fur­ther research. WDAqua aims at advan­cing the state of the art by inter­t­wi­ning trai­ning, research and inno­va­tion efforts, cen­tred around data‐​driven ques­tion ans­we­ring. Question ans­we­ring is imme­dia­te­ly use­ful to a wide audience of end users, and we will demons­trate this in set­tings inclu­ding e‑commerce, public sec­tor infor­ma­tion, publi­shing and smart cities. Steps to ans­we­ring a ques­tion are (1) unders­tan­ding a spo­ken ques­tion, (2) ana­ly­sing the question’s text, (3) fin­ding data to ans­wer the ques­tion, and (4) pre­sen­ting the answer(s). Every indi­vi­dual research pro­ject in WDAqua connects at least two of these steps.

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