Task 6.5. – Technical handbook (M36-M42)

The main objective of this last task is to organize, enhance and disseminate the work done in the HYPASS project. This task will help answer to this question: what is the best solution for the management of steel slags and co-produced waste? The transfer of knowledge to the industrial actors (and other actors involved) will be ensure with a technical guideline, based on the “Decision-Support Tool” (DST) development, which will mainly focus on the best steel slag management practices. It will include technical specifications about:

  1. steel slags (WP1) and processes (WP3 and WP4), phytomanagement (WP5) and other
    remediation methods or re-uses options (WP1),
  2. global and local environmental stakes (WP6.1) and impacts (WP2 and WP6) – i.e., on the different aspects used to develop the DST.

The information contained in this technical handbook could be organized as conceptual decision trees including, when data are available, quantitative aspects.


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