WP6 – DST design


Based on the work realized in previous “Work Packages” (WPs), the overall objective of this WP will be to develop a “Decision-Support Tool” (DST), which will enable users to simulate different steel slag management routes and to choose the most sustainable treatments based on environmental impacts and financial costs.

Description of work

The DST will be developed to help comparison of different scenarios of slag management and will be applied on the Industeel France ArcelorMittal site of Châteauneuf. Based on results obtained in previous WPs, on literature reviews and on on-site interviews, a set of relevant criteria in the context of steel slag management will be identified. These criteria will then be assessed and quantified, on an environmental and an economical basis, in order to implement these data in the DST and to enable the decision-makers to choose the best steel slag management routes among the status quo, the classic option or the HYPASS innovative solution.

Task 6.1. – DST concept design (M1-M24)

Task 6.2. – Environmental LCA (M20-M30)

Task 6.3. – Economic aspects (M20-M30)

Task 6.4. – DST development and implementation (M24-M40)

Task 6.5. – Technical handbook (M36-M42)


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