WP0 – Project coordination and management


The purpose of this “Work Package” (WP) is to provide the coordination and overall management of the project with the following objectives: project leadership, coordination and management; the smooth running of the project, ensuring it is planned and executed effectively, implementation of each WP and efficient coordination and integration between WPs, ensuring correct technical and financial accounting and reporting, ensuring protection of “Intellectual Property Rights” (IPR) and compliance with “Agence Nationale de la Recherche” (ANR) open access and archiving policies, completion of the project on due time and within budget.

 Description of work

The project coordination and management WP will be chaired by the project coordinator, represented by ARMINES/SPIN. The project management structure will be laid in detail in the “Consortium Agreement”. Work will be organized into the following three tasks, all led by ARMINES/SPIN with input and contributions from all participants.

Task 0.1. – Administrative management (M1-M42)

Task 0.2. – Operational and technical coordination (M1-M42)

Task 0.3. – Exploitation and dissemination coordination (M1-M42)


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