The HYPASS methodology is implemented on the Industeel France ArcelorMittal metallurgical slagheap, located in Châteauneuf (Loire) and registered in the “Sites Ateliers Français pour l’Innovation et la Recherche” (SAFIR) network.

Aerial view of the Industeel France ArcelorMittal industrial site (Châteauneuf, Loire).

Since the production plant creation, the slagheap has always been located at the eastern end of the steelworks. It was levelled to form the platform on which the various industrial installations were gradually built. The very first buildings (before 1865) were implemented on a former mining slagheap made up of shale from former coal mining operations (that were then active in the region) and various industrial rubble (area estimated at about ten hectares). Thus, the current installations such as the steelworks, the railways, the shipping hall and the scrap yard are on the platform constituted by the former slagheap which then developed towards the north-east as the plant grew, until its current position.

The slagheap consists mainly of waste, the main ones being the following: solidified slags from smelting and refining, refractories, “Déchet Industriel Banal” (DIB), demolition fill, dust from dust removal installations in the electric furnace (from 1975 to 1994), excess lime, waste from the rolling train: metal oxides including calamine, flaming and oxycutting oxides, bags of jutes for descaling. The old slagheap and the current one are in continuity on the platform as observed nowadays. The current slagheap (dating from the beginning of industrial activity) is a temporary storage place for waste generated by the plant or by-products. The internal deposits management is governed by prefectural order n° l6597 amended, for the waste storage part, by order n° 18374.


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