Consortium as a whole

HYPASS aims to examine all levels of the value chain, including processing and recovery of valuable trace elements, waste by-product valorisation and management, economic feasibility and environmental impacts with the goal of developing an economically feasible, “zero-waste” approach.

To address such a wide range of different topics, a Consortium (ARMINES as project leader, BRGM and Industeel France ArcelorMittal) with the needed experience, expertise and capability in these areas has been assembled. There is little overlap between the partners and each has well-defined tasks and contributions within the project. These partners belong to government research institutes and industry, thus ensuring high quality results that are focused on eventual exploitation in the real world. Synergies will be developed with the “Groupement d’Intérêt Scientifique : redéploiement Post-Industriel Loire Territoires urbains” (GIS PILoT) and the competitiveness cluster AXELERA. The operating unit of ARMINES within the proposed activity will be the “Sciences des Processus Industriels et Naturels” (SPIN) centre, common research centre of ARMINES and Mines Saint-Étienne.

Partners’ complementarity

HYPASS brings together partners, who have long and proven expertise in different mineral processing techniques, process design and engineering aspects in general. Their collaboration will result in extensive integration of new knowledge amongst the partners and greatly increased innovation capacity due to the multidisciplinary approach that will be implemented.

SPIN carries out chemical engineering studies and research that contributes to the dissemination of knowledge on the conversion of matter and energy and is equipped with all facilities and software to carry out all activities required by HYPASS. The “Procédés pour l’Environnement et les Géo-ressources” (PEG) department from SPIN/Mines Saint-Étienne organizes its research inter alia in the fields of the treatment and reuse of solid mineral matrices and of the water/soil/plant transfers of trace elements. The HYPASS project will allow PEG to acquire more expertise in one of its fields of competence: the rehabilitation of brownfield sites by its involvement in previous or current studies developing phytomanagement or hydrometallurgical techniques for the redevelopment of mining and metallurgical wastelands.

BRGM has considerable experience too in the areas of mineral processing, soil/effluent/groundwater decontamination, waste management, recycling, valorization, risk analysis and “Life-Cycle Assessment” (LCA). BRGM is able in HYPASS to leverage its expertise [in terms of sampling, matter pre-concentration, physical and/or physicochemical treatment, “Decision-Support Tool” (DST) conception] thanks to its participation to the ORLA, EXTRAVAN, FAME and CHROMIC programs.

Industeel France is a subsidiary of ArcelorMittal, the world’s leading steel and mining company. The HYPASS project will provide Industeel France ArcelorMittal new and economical solutions for developing cleaner processes and greener products for a more sustainable environment. ARMINES/SPIN, Industeel France ArcelorMittal and the GIS PILoT have collaborated over decades (PHYSAFIMM and NAGIS).



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