Georges Friedel Laboratory UMR 5307

Mechanics and Materials Processing Department

Heads:  Julien Bruchon and François Valdivieso

The Mechanics and Materials Processing (MPE) department is mainly focused on controlling the final micro and meso-structures of materials for energy and transportation industry, obtained through direct elaboration processes:

  • Structural composites, bio-based organic composites with hemp/flax fibres and bio-sourced resins for instance, obtained by Liquid Composite Moulding processes.

  • ceramics or metal-ceramics obtained by powder metallurgy process, using rapid and economic sintering process as fast micro-wave sintering

Mechanics is the main vector through which architectured materials are tackled consistently by collaborative task crews gathering chemists, materials scientists and mechanicians, leading both physical and computational modelling approaches. For this, MPE masters a set of experimental tools to monitor these processes, completed by dedicated or industrial softwares.


Phone: +33 4 77 49 97 59

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