Georges Friedel Laboratory UMR 5307


The research unit is structured into 6 instrument platforms and 6 technological and digital platforms to support research activities addressing the following issue :

Instrument platforms and Technological and digital Platforms

Durability and energy efficiency of components and factory.

From grain to factory / From material to component

Instrument platforms correspond to research facilities grouped by characterization types and to a service offer for internal use in support of the most upstream laboratory research activities covering TRLs from 1 to 3.

EMI : Mechanical Testing and Instrumentation Environmental and in situ (SEM) Mechanical tests Thermomechanical treatments Prototyping Micromechanical analyses
CMS : Microstructures and Surfaces Characterization   Electron microscopies Surface analysis (XPS, Auger, AFM) Sensory analyses Visual rendering
ESMAT : Thermal Micro-Analysis of solids (powders)   Thermogravimetry Differential thermal analysis Calorimetry Dilatometry Gas Analysis by coupling with  IR, CPG, MS
RX : X Ray analysis   X-ray diffraction (powder patterns, textures, stresses, high resolution) X-ray tomography
PC2 : Powders Physico-Chemical Characterizations   Grinding, sieving Grain size (GL, DLS, FBRM, Turbidimetry) Flowability Porosity Hg Specific area (BET) Surface energy (Digidrop, Zeta Potential)
SAC : Spectroscopy and Chemical Analysis IRFT Spectroscopy (DRIFT, ATR,…) Raman Spectroscopy UV, Fluo-X and ICP spectroscopy Ion Chromatography, GC and GC-MS Gas analysis: IR, UV and MS

Technological and digital platforms are a collaborative service offer open to potential external collaborators. The projects handled within these platforms are downstream oriented, in the range of TRL 3 to 6, with the construction and/or implementation of pilot lines.


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