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Soft Tissue BIOmechanics (StBio)

The department specializes in modeling and experimentation on soft biological tissues applied to the cardiovascular or osteoarticular system.

Its expertise covers experiments reproducing in vivo phenomena (walking simulators, shock simulators), interpretations and mechanical behavior for the living (modeling). It also concerns the chemical synthesis of calcium phosphates, the development of custom-made biomaterials, and cell biology.

StBIO is attached to the U1059 Inserm Sainbiose Laboratory, (Santé Ingénierie Biologie Saint-Étienne), LBTO Team (Biology of Osteoarticular Tissues).

Application Fields

  • Mechanobiology of arteries
    • Prevention of aneurysm rupture
    • Digital simulation of endovascular surgery: in silico prediction / 3D digital twin / diagnostic support
  • Biomechanical action of medical textiles
    • Treatment of venous deficits with compression therapy
    • Treatment of chronic low back pain
    • Prevention of eventrations


Prédisurge, Gibaud, Thuasne, Sigvaris, Oxylane, Covidien-Sofradim….
CHU de Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne University, Institut de Cancérologie de la Loire, Établissement Français du Sang, INRIA Grenoble, Ecole Centrale de LyonYale University, TU Vien, Universita degli studi di Padova, Eberhard Karls Universitaet Tuebingen

Technical Space Facilities platform: Biomechanical Testing

It allows the characterization of the mechanical properties of a medical device, dynamic biomechanical tests at high speed, modeling of the mechanical interactions between a medical device and the human body (uni- and bi-axial traction machines, stereocorrelation system with fast cameras, calculation PCs, surgical simulator).

Examples of projects (2020 >)

  • European Project MeDiTATe H2020 : Development of advanced medical digital twins based on cardiovascular imaging for specific prevention and treatment of aneurysms. Six doctoral theses supervised at the CIS will focus on high-fidelity multi-physics simulation of aneurysm treatment and real-time interactions with the digital twin through augmented reality and reduced-order models.
  • ARTERYLASTIC Project: “Physio-mechanical study of a synthetic elastic protein as a molecular prosthesis to treat arteriopathies related to elastic fiber defects”, coordinated by Romain Debret and Stéphane Avril.
  • CAMOPI Project: “CaMoPI: Capture and Modeling of the Foot in Motion” coordinated by Julien Pansiot
  • Research Ambition Pack: “TolSkin: Analysis of the mechanical and biological mechanisms that can determine skin intolerance induced by repeated rubbing of compression textiles on the skin”, coordinated by Jérôme Molimard.
  • Research Ambition Pack: “CarAbdo: Mechanical characterization of abdominal walls by the installation of a textile reinforcement, in order to limit the risks of eventration», coordinated by Baptiste Pierrat.



Jérôme MOLIMARD, Head of Dept
Baptiste PIERRAT, Stéphane AVRIL, Nicolas CURT, Claire MORIN, Woo-Suck HAN, Miquel AGUIRRE
Doctorants : Maria Nicole ANTONUCCIO, Francesco BARDI, Béatrice BISIGHINI, Joseph BRUNET, Salvatore CAMPISI, Lucie DERYCKE, Aïcha ERRABITY, Bastien EYDAN, Federica GALBIATI, Nicolas KROUPA, Joan LAUBRIE, Zeineb NEJIM, Claudie PETIT, Baptiste PILLET, Laure TSIMBA, Rahul VELLAPARAMBIL

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