5 Research and Academic Centres

At MINES Saint- Etienne, our research model is constructed from an approach driven by industrial questions at the same time as aiming for a high academic level. It is organized around 5 Research and Academic Centres which are positioned according to their application areas; their departments, others are integrated as disciplinary teams in the CNRS UMR and a joint team CEA , the site of Lyon – Saint-Étienne and Aix- Marseille.

CIS – Centre for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering
« Improving health through science and engineering »

  • Health-care engineering – Biomechanics of soft tissues – Surface bioengineering – Biomaterial engineering – Nanoparticle inhalation

CMP – Centre of Microelectronics in Provence
« Exploring New Microelectronics Technology and Devices for Innovative Applications »

  • Manufacturing sciences and logistics – Secured systems and architectures – Flexible substrates and packaging – Bioelectronics

FAYOL – Henri Fayol Institute
« Industry and territories of the future: efficiency, resilience and sustainability »

  • Applied Mathematics – Computer science – Industrial engineering –  Environmental sciences – Management and humanities

SMS – Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering
« Materials by design »

  • Fuel-efficient transportation – Carbon light energies – Materials performance monitoring

SPIN – Centre for Chemical Engineering
« Process Design for Energy and Environment, from fundamentals to technology »

Reactivity of solids, solid-gas interactions – Divided heterogeneous multicomponent systems – Particle dynamics and in-situ multi-scaling characterizations