Frédéric PARAN

  • Research Topics

    Surfacewater/Groundwater Interactions
    Hydrogeology and hydrology
    Decision making (geomatics, multi-criteria analysis, systemic modelling)
    Knowledge transfer

  • Teaching Areas

    How to make a decision in a multi-actor and multi-criteria contexts
    Understanding water management stakes

  • Biography

    Frédéric Paran is an ARMINES research engineer at Mines Saint-Etienne in the Centre for Chemical Engineering, department Processes for the Environment and Georesources. He is member of the UMR 5600 EVS. He is involved in the activities of the Rhone Basin Long Term Ecological Research (ZABR) and more particularly in the “cévenoles rivers” working site.
    His research is organized in two parts. The first focuses on the development of interdisciplinary methodologies for a better understanding of groundwater/surface water interactions (e.g. alluvial aquifer/river; karst/river; aquifer/river/wetland). This work aims to improve the knowledge, the means of investigation of this interface and to ensure the transfer of knowledge towards water stakeholders for better characterization and management (e.g. methodological handbook – and technical handbook – The second component focuses on monitoring and feedback on restoration/management (e.g. wetland; brownfield) and planning (e.g. flood risk; green and blue frames; aggregate mining). This work aims to develop arguments for decision support/management at the territorial level including a participative dimension and mechanisms to involve citizens. The implementation of participatory hydrology devices, for example, seems to be an interesting way for data acquisition and co-construction of tools.
    The main interdisciplinary projects he has managed are: 1) nappes/Rhône (ZABR/French Water Agency); 2) Naprom (French biodiversity agency); 3) wetland/low water support (ZABR/French water agency).

  • Education

    Ph D. in environmental science and engineering, Mines Saint-Etienne, France 2002-2005
    Master in Biology, Lyon University, 1998