Pierre BADEL

  • Research Topics

    Visit my up-to-date webpage: https://www.emse.fr/~badel

    Prof. Badel is specialized in soft tissue biomechanics with main applications in vascular tissue micro-mechanics, and elastic compression of the lower leg. With initial expertise in computational mechanics applied to finite deformations (in the field of textile composite forming), the approaches he has been developing combine experimental and numerical methods to observe, describe, model and understand the mechanical response of soft tissues, in healthy/pathological conditions, as well as their interactions with medical devices.
    The main project he is leading (ERC Starting Grant AArteMIS) focuses on the characterization of deformation and rupture mechanisms of arteries at the scale of their micro-structure. It involves designing and developing dedicated experimental setups based on multi-photon confocal microscopy and X-ray micro-tomography to perform in situ mechanical testing, and obtain unprecedented observations inside tissue structures.

  • Teaching Areas

    P. Badel’s teaching activities all aim at merging together medical and engineering profiles to make new multi-disciplinary profiles emerge and push forward future innovation in the biomedical field. In particular, he manages the Master Biomedical Engineering and Design specifically designed for engineering students without a bio/medical background. He also manages biomechanics classes for engineering students, and is involved in the dual degree MD/engineer.

  • Biography

    Prof. Badel accomplished significant advances in research, in textile mechanics for composite applications and, since 2009 at Mines Saint-Etienne, in soft tissue biomechanics and related vascular medicine/surgery and medical device applications. Prof. Badel is currently Head of the Soft Tissue BIOmechanics Department.
    His work has aimed at not only improving fundamental knowledge of soft tissue mechanics in order to help develop tomorrow’s diagnostic techniques and treatments but also studying mechanical interactions with medical devices to improve current treatments and devices. Altogether, the ultimate goal of this research is the benefit for today’s and tomorrow’s patients.
    Current progress and recent achievements were obtained within the frame of the project AArteMIS, for which was awarded a 1,5 M€ Starting Grant from the European Research Council. This research already enabled detailed characterization of the micro-mechanisms involved in arterial tissue deformation and rupture thanks to original experiments combining micro-structural imaging and mechanical testing.
    Since its creation in 2102, P. Badel has been developing and managing our Engilsh-taught Master Degree Biomedical Engineering and Design to welcome international engineering student wanting to switch to the biomedical field. This one-year program (master2 level) provides the keys for future industrial and academic careers.

  • Education

    2015 Research Habilitation Degree, “Soft tissue mechanics: applications vascular medecine and surgery” . Univerité Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne.
    2008 PhD in mechanics, “Mesoscopic analysis of the mechanical behavior of textile composite reinforcements – Validation with X-ray tomography”, INSA Lyon, France.
    2005 Engineering degree (eq. MSc.) in mechanical engineering, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, Grenoble, France.
    2002 BSc. In Physic, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France.