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MSc Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

The Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Master’s degree is a two-year programme taught entirely in English.

Please note that we recruit students to start the M1 year only (we don’t recruit students to strat directly the M2 year).

Materials Science is one of the major disciplines taught at the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Étienne. The Sciences des Matériaux et des Structures (SMS) centre, part of the Georges Friedel Laboratory (CNRS), conducts world-class research on materials, in collaboration with major French and European industrial companies.

Metals and alloys will be an essential component of the ecological transition of the next thirty years. In the field of transport and energy, metals are everywhere: nuclear and renewable energies, the electricity network, electric vehicles, the hydrogen economy, etc. Society needs engineers and researchers to optimise, and even invent, the processes and materials of tomorrow, which will have to be efficient, economical and sustainable.

By following the MSE Master’s programme, you will develop an in-depth knowledge of the relationship between processing, microstructure and mechanical properties, which constitutes the core of the teaching programme. You will learn to master the main experimental and modelling methods in materials science. You will also receive a high level of general education, with particular emphasis on the major ecological and societal issues of the coming decades. The MSE Master’s degree will enable you to join the research and development departments of major industrial companies as a materials/metallurgy expert or to continue your studies in a doctoral thesis.

Why take the MSE Master’s degree at Mines Saint-Étienne?

  • The MSE Master’s programme places great emphasis on (inter)active teaching. If you are prepared to work hard in the classroom or in the laboratory, you will appreciate the spirit of mentoring and companionship by the teaching team!
  • Numerous collaborations with industrial partners such as EDF, Framatome, Airbus, Air Liquide, GRT Gaz, Thalès…
  • Research facilities of international standing and variety of subjects covered: additive manufacturing, alloy design, shaping, micro-mechanics, durability, hydrogen, etc.
  • The development, particularly in France, of the nuclear industry, renewable energies and the hydrogen economy, as well as the electrification of industry and society, in a context of increasing scarcity of mineral resources, will require a considerable research effort on materials, particularly metals. Do you want to take part in this effort?


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Candidates are expected to:

  • Have successfully completed third year of a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Chemistry, Materials or Engineering.
  • Provide proof of English language proficiency (B2 level).

Core modules

  • Materials science / Metallurgy
  • Materials mechanics and processes
  • Materials characterization
  • Computing / Modelling
  • Lab. project
  • 5 month internship

General modules

  • Ecological transition / Materials in society / Mineral resources
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Scientific communication
  • Preparation to professional life
  • French and/or English

General syllabus

Detailed syllabus

This master prepares for PhD to be performed in France or abroad. Especially, Ecole des Mines proposes several PhD students positions each year.

The MSE Master also opens the doors for industrial research career, especially in the applicative and attractive fields of materials for energy and transport.

In construction…

Prof. Frédéric Christien

Frédéric Christien is a professor of materials science at Mines Saint-Étienne and Laboratoire Georges Friedel. His is an expert of metallurgy, microstructures and durability of metals and alloys. His main research activities deal with hydrogen embrittlement and thermal ageing of metallic materials. He is heading the MSE master and teaches physical metallurgy.


Dr Alixe Dréano

Alixe Dréano obtained an engineering diploma in mechanics and a Master degree in materials science in 2016. She completed her PhD in materials science, tribology in 2019 at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (LTDS). She has now an assistant professor position at Mines Saint-Étienne and Laboratoire Georges Friedel. She pursues her researches in the field of durability of materials (hydrogen embrittlement, surface integrity) and teaches mechanics of materials.


Dr Renaud Ferrier

Renaud Ferrier is an Assistant Professor at Mines St-Etienne and Laboratoire Georges Friedel since September 2021. His research topics are computational homogenization and inverse problems in mechanics, with an emphasis on fields and Boundary Data identification. His teaching activities are mathematical methods for the engineer and structural mechanics.


Dr Asdin Aoufi

Asdin Aoufi has a PhD in applied mathematics and is teaching numerical methods and parallel computing at Mines Saint-Étienne. He is involved in heat/mass transfer/thermo-mechanical computations using Abaqus software, Python and C.


Prof. András Borbély

András Borbély is a professor in materials science at Mines Saint-Étienne and the Georges Friedel Laboratory. He is an expert in diffraction and X-ray imaging techniques. His main research activities are tomography, texture, X-ray line shape analysis and recrystallisation of metallic alloys.

Web page: https://www.mines-stetienne.fr/author/borbely/


Dr Julien Favre

Julien Favre is an Assistant professor at Mines Saint-Étienne and Laboratoire Georges Friedel. He teaches Materials science classes in the ICM engineering course and in the Master MSE, with a special focus on the metallurgy, the phase transformations, the solidification, and the materials selection. He is specialized in the study of metallic materials, and especially in the design of new alloys and the microstructure control by the process. His research topics include the design alloys for additive manufacturing, the modeling of microstructure changes during thermomechanical processing, and the mechanical design of architectured materials.

Web page : https://emse.fr/~julien.favre/


Dr Paul Baral

Paul Baral obtained an engineering diploma in mechanics and a Master degree in materials science and processes in 2015. He defended his PhD thesis in mechanical engineering in 2018 at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon (LTDS). He has now an assistant professor position at Mines Saint-Étienne and Laboratory Georges Friedel. His research is focused on composite manufacturing and particularly on the process-mechanical properties relationship. He teaches mechanics of materials.


Applications for our Masters programmes will open at the beginning of February.

EU students: about 250 € per year.
Non-EU students: about 3700 € per year.

Dr Mariam Assi graduated with the master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 2018. In 2022, she defended her PhD thesis at Mines Saint-Étienne on the design of metallic alloys for additive manufacturing. She is now pursuing a research career in industry, at ArcelorMittal, where she is working on the decarbonisation of steelmaking.

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