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Bik’Box, the smart bicycle parking solution of the future

BikBox the smart bicycle parking of the future

At the end of 2016, two civil engineers from Mines Saint-Étienne decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure with the innovative Bik’Box project, which is a secure, autonomous and connected bicycle parking solution! This project now includes Team@Mines Saint-Étienne to benefit from the school’s strong electronics and computer skills and to mature the connected aspects of the product.

Alexandre Bedos and François Puyau (ICM E2008) met nearly 10 years ago at Mines Saint-Etienne. After 6 years in the aeronautics industry (for Alexandre) and metallurgy (for François), they decided to start a business together with a concrete project in mind, at the end of 2016:

Here’s their starting observation: every year in France, more than 400 000 people are victims of bicycle theft. Alexandre and François face that very problem of parking their expensive bicycles. This issue is widely regarded as the major obstacle to the development of cycling in the city. Bik’Box aims to tackle this problem in an innovative way.

“Bik’Box is the smart bike parking solution of the future.”

This closed box, which does not exceed the size of a parking space, can accommodate ten bicycles secured collectively and individually. It is a stand-alone solution that can be deployed anywhere without civil engineering or connection to the power grid. It can equip urban centres, companies, stations and public transport stations for intermodal transportation…

This connected box offers smart solutions that are adapted to its users like geolocation and reservation and its operators (ease of management, recovery and monitoring of usage data…).

This ambitious project will be supported by the GC Provence Campus (Daniel Ochoa for electronic monitoring and Michel Fiocchi for technical support), the Fayol Institute and the Computer and Intelligent Systems Department (Xavier Serpaggi).