MINES Saint-Étienne

Mines Saint- Étienne’s international development

Mines Saint-Étienne’s international orientation

Over the past 25 years, international education has received recognition by European governments, higher education institutions and accreditation bodies. To develop overseas presence and be one of the development arms of the policies of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital Sector at international levels, Mines Saint-Étienne has established over 120 international partnerships agreements all over the world and developed different exchange programs. A great way Master’s, Engineering and PhD students can acquire global skills and open up new personal and professional opportunities.

International partnerships agreements

Mines Saint-Étienne’s international strategy is significant through its partnership with a variety of prestigious universities across all five continents. The aim is to promote greater mobility of staff and students and to make significant impact on curriculum development, research networks and collaborative teaching programs. Mines Saint-Étienne has thus developed partnerships with 20 highly renowned engineering partners in order to boost its global reach and reputation. It has, form the beginning, a clear focus on obtaining the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation from the European Consortium for Accreditation. Such recognition will involve all sectors linked to Engineering Education and allow the school, composed of numerous, diverse campuses, to function in synergy. Mines Saint-Etienne’s international activities and engineering researches will be reaffirmed and greatly reinforced.

International education and exchange programs

Mines Saint-Étienne has been recognized in the ERASMUS program since it started. European academic partners are chosen with respect to accreditations. Our partners are schools whose courses and programs are equivalent to those at Mines Saint-Étienne. More and more students are participating in exchange programs every year, leaving France for six months while continuing on, in another country, with studies that contribute to their degree. Nearly 35 of Mines Saint-Étienne partnerships are ERASMUS. We offer 19 Double Degrees in partnership with many prestigious institutions in 29 countries. Over the last years, the number of Mine Saint-Étienne’s exchange students has risen sharply. In fact, international experiences open up better job perspectives and are ordinarily associated with higher starting salaries.

Looking for an international and innovative experience that opens the way to challenging professional perspectives? Mines Saint-Étienne offers a wide range of high-level exchange programs, whether incoming to Mines de Saint-Etienne or outgoing to school partner!