MINES Saint-Étienne

Engineering meets French academic excellence


Last year, more than 300 000 students came from foreign countries to study in France, making it on the biggest world powerhouses in higher education. It’s not hard to see why: French schools have minted game-changing entrepreneurs, celebrated leaders in politics, in science and arts. Mines Saint-Etienne is one of them and each year, hundreds of French speaking students try to get into the tiny elected circle of the 1 600 students who are to become engineers.

A history of sustained academic excellence

Mines Saint-Etienne students will be part of an elite corps of industrial engineers legacy. With a 200 year history of academic excellence, Mines Saint-Etienne provides sciences and management abilities of engineering which companies are fond of, especially in industry. It is the oldest “Mines” school outside of Paris in a family of seven “National School of Mines”. The first was created in 1783 under Louis XVI.

Mines Saint-Etienne is a world open school that welcomes each year international students who can get the grade of « Ingénieur Grande École », a recognized title of engineer from one of the top French engineering schools. Mines Saint-Etienne offers seven Masters of Science in English in industrial, biomedical, energy and process and materials science engineering. Each of these Masters allows working for international companies.

A company linked Academy

Our motto is explicit: Inspiring innovation. Mines Saint-Etienne puts a large interest in research in order to involve its own attractiveness for quality students and professors, but also to participate in country fame and companies competitiveness. Industrial chairs, thematic conferences, professional commissions, teaching activities are all subjects that attract companies (SMEs, SMIs and large companies) who invest in the school to transmit their know-how and cooperate with teacher-researchers. That is why companies are financing Mines Saint-Etienne’s research programs with more than 6.3M€ each year. Thanks to these funds, the school filed 25 patents over the past five year.

A school dedicated to research and world improving

The school built its research on six areas of expertise that are Energy and Processes, Optimized Materials, Industrial Engineering, Environment, Microelectronics and Health. These fields are concerning enough to get partnership interests. Mines Saint-Etienne welcomes international students and provides them with multidisciplinary subjects, many interesting training opportunities and a large choice of associations to get into community life.