Student life

France, Culture, Sport, Social activities

2 campuses:

  • Historical campus in Saint-Étienne is one hour from Lyon.
  • Campus ‘Georges Charpak Provence’ in Gardanne is 15 min. from Aix-en-Provence and 30 min. from Marseille.


Rooms and studios available at Mines Saint-Étienne student residences on both campuses, depending on vacancies.

Student residence in Saint-Étienne, Information and contacts:

Student residence in Gardanne, information and contacts: phone +33 4 42 61 69 15 ; mail

Individual accommodation (flat): for free assistance for subscriptions (gas, electricity, box internet): Concept:

Financial aspects

Students are exempt from tuition fees in the case of exchange agreements.

Masters students are eligible for grant programs, subject to academic achievement and financial support for accommodation expenses.

Education is French highly supported by French government.

Internship periods (3 to 5 months per year) are generally covered by allowances.

PhD students are all granted € 1400/month.

French Summer School and integration programs for international students

Welco’Mines program for international masters of science students:

Kick-off happenings and Student life happenings

  • Our Universal language: let’s talk sciences!
    • Industrial visits (Thuasne, SNF, Groupo Antolin, Sigvaris, Eurotab, OBUT, other…).
    • PhD’s conferences; researcher’s conferences; industrial’s conferences.
    • Manufacture for the future.
    • Innovation, patents, industrial property.
    • International research networks : H2020, ANRProfessor’s tutorials.
    • Industrial Tutorial in the framework of “Jeunes Ambassadeurs programme”.
    • Young Researchers Living Lab
      Create a Research project environment : A shared and team working room with computers, internet, library, access to lab equiments, dedicated space.
    • « young researcher awards ».
  • France and Friends
    • French as Foreign Language and French culture.
    • Let’s play together! …
      …. let’s play music / let’s play theatre / let’s play sports / let’s cook / let’s dance.
    • Cultural visits, museums : Arts et Industries, Mines, Art Moderne, Le Corbusier, Spectacles.
    • Go together to explore Lyon and in Saint-Étienne.
    • Saint-Étienne surroundings.
    • Skiing, matches…

Student association

The Student Organisation Activity Club (BDE Anim’), which organizes regular trips such as weekends in Florence, Barcelona or Prague, treks and the traditional skiing week in March. The BDE Anim also organises sports trips for such things as bungee jumping, ice skating and snow walking.
The Sports Society (BDS) regroups some very different sports clubs representing all types of sports, whether individual or team, male or female, indoor or outdoor.
Many cultural activities proposed by the Student Organisation…. : Astronomy club, Cookery club, Theatre club, Photography club, Wine-tasting club with a professional wine-taster and regular tastings, Gala club which organizes the prestigious end-of-year graduation dinner and gala. This is the event of the year at the School, with its review, fashion show, concerts and thematic bars.


Alumni association

Living expenses in Saint-Étienne or Gardanne

Around €600 to €700/month.

Must see…

There’s so much to do in St-Etienne and Gradanne with its leisure activities, architectural activities, natural sites, picturesque villages, museums, exhibitions, events, concerts, gastronomy and French art of food, night-time fun and festivities.… the campuses are located in places full of riches you should not be missed!

Saint-Étienne, City of Design

In 2010, St-Etienne became the 1st French City (and the 2nd in Europe) to join the UNESCO Creative Cities network as a City of Design. In 2017, the 10th St-Etienne International Design Biennial will be a showcase for the St-Etienne design scene and a ‘laboratory of uses’… Every 2 years, for 1 month,  St-Etienne becomes the world capital of Design with this reference event ; the last edition was visited by almost 210000 people!

St-Etienne has a leading role as the n°1 French Design Centre in Digital Technologies with the ‘French Tech Design Tech’ Label. St-Etienne has a unique place dedicated to design and creativity: ‘La Cité du Design’. The Cité du Design supports the economic development by concentrating on innovation through Design that takes the user into account in programs sponsored by public bodies and businesses.


A high performance district with 4 centers of excellence: Digital Technologies, Optics, Medical Technologies, New manufacturing.


A cultural district with:

  • Museums : Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain (International temporary exhibitions), Musée d’Art et d’Industrie (the largest  collection of ribbons in the world, a wonderfull collection of weapons, the story of the bicycle – St-Etienne is the place where the 1st French bicycle was made), Parc-Musée de la Mine (underground tour with a ride on an authentic coal mine train), Musée des verts (St-Etienne famous football team!)
  • 1 Opera house, 1 Zenith concert hall, 1 modern music venue (Le Fil)
  • 1 Drama Center (La Comédie)
  • Site Le Corbusier: Le Corbusier is an internationally renowned architect and founder of modern architecture. Here, you can visit the largest architectural and urban ensemble in Europe with 4 emblematic Historic Momuments…

A regional nature park (Le Pilat) which is located on the city’s doorstep, offers 3 hiking trails and numerous sporting activities such as mountain biking, and canoeing.. the perfect place to enjoy nature and relax. In the heart of the Pilat, you can visit the old Sainte Croix en Jarez Carthusian Monastery, now a village and classed as one of the ‘Plus beaux villages de France”.

Gardanne and life in Provence

Gardanne is strategically located between Aix-en-Provence, a renowned student city which is too very a touristic place and Marseille which is a big town with all cultural activities you can imagine.  Gardanne is located on the south-easterly slopes of the Captivel hill, facing the Sainte Victoire mountain, the town is dominated by the ancient centre of Gardanne. Once a mining town, Gardanne is now an urban landscape marked by its hundred-year-old industrial history. It has however succeeded in conserving an old picturesque town full of charm. Strolling around the town, one can discover super little squares full of colourful flowers, and ancient fountains worthy of the most beautiful Provencal villages.

In Provence the climate is the warmest in France and the way of life the sweetest!

Everywhere you go, you will find very wonderful and typical French small villages… you will only have to walk up and down the streets in the historical villages to find the atmosphere to suit your mood.